Saturday, December 22, 2007

Snow and More Snow

Already we have had more snow this month than we had all of last winter!! I am trapped (hee,hee) in the house...take a look at these pictures...not great but you get the idea...waiting for "the man" to come and move it off the roof...Big rain coming in on Sunday...we have been lucky..lot of people experiencing ice backup into their homes...we just don't want any trouble so let's get it off the roof (been on the list for a few days now).


Jackie said...

Oh I love the beautiful...we hardly get snow here but I love the look of it if we do get it :)Lovely pictures

Carol Dillon said...

Ohh, your photos are amazing! The snow looks amazing! Can't wait till we get over your part of the world to play in it!
Have a wonderful Christmas
Carol :-)