Monday, December 31, 2007


ok...i will admit ... i am addicted to the do i know??...i could not get on all day yesterday and this morning i was on the phone with my server BEGGING for assistance!...i actually read the whole Boston globe and new york times yesterday...well...not all of it because i could use the computer....and did a layout for my sister's birthday....want to see it...of course you do...all these pictures are old!! credit goes to Katie Pertiet from designer digitals for the template! And, as you can see, i am back on the router was had to bypass it...(whatever that means) new one coming soon but at least i can get i feel better!!


Ljonezy said...

Isn't this template the best! I remembered I had it after I saw Jackie's lo in the gallery. Love all photos you can use.

Debi Putnam said...

I prefer that you stay addicted to the computer!! Because we all benefit from your addiction! haha Seriously you find the BEST things! Thanks for all your hard work. Love your blog.

I went to Flickr and setup an account and tried to do something similar to your LO here but mine just will not work. I have to import every picture one at a time. I finally quit after just 4 photos. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. Anyway, maybe I'll again another day. Love ya GF!

Kari said...

Totally awesome LO!! Thank you for so openly admitting your addiction ... makes it easier for people like me to fess up, too! I'm Kari - and I'm addicted to the internet (but so is my friend Dawn)!! Your blog is looking AWESOME!!!!