Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Layout

Well...I tried to put a couple of "blinkies" in the side bar but not having any was making me crazy so i said "self, go and ask your digi friends"...will I decided I'd better do this weeks PhotoshopFriday challenge (from out wonderful teacher since tomorrow will be a new here it is:


Jeanne said...

I'm sorry you are having troubles with your blinkies. I don't know much about adding them, just that I added the code in the area of the template settings. Have you tried uploading to Photobucket (or a place like it) and getting the code there to add? I hope you get it figured out.

But I mainly wanted to comment on your wonderful layout! I LOVE it!!! I love the detail accent photos and everything about. Very nicely done. Thanks so much for sharing!


Carol Dillon said...

Dawn, with the blinkie, I went to the NWR forum and copied the link we were given at the start of the course, then pasted it into the template setting. HTH

Your layout is just sensational! And the photos are priceless.

Carol :-)

noel joy said...

fantastic layout! :) tfs!