Friday, April 9, 2010


well....i finally went for my annual physical (just a little late) and have been following up with referral appts to specialists (good thing i have good insurance)...i am doing well and will con't to do so if i follow the recommendations!! i am issues can be addressed by diet, medication and exercise....I have been counting carbohydrates since March 1 (only allowed so many per meal) and guess what...i am loosing weight ... go figure...surprise!! Now the exercise part...i have been avoiding this since i was 7 years old...oh,yes...i am the one who would skip gym and "fake" the parent signature on an "excuse dawn from gym today" note...sweat..not me!! so it has not caught up with end of the month i am to begin "medically supervised" exercise program at my local hospital...this goes for 12 weeks with added benefit of education and support group (this my insurance does not pay for...but at this point who cares...right?) So, next week i have a stress test ..a prerequisite of the program...after all it a preventative program conducted by the cardiac rehab team...always felt i would have a heart attack if i got on one of those running machines...well, now as i do it a nurse, doctor and physical therapist will be in the room....NO excuses now....Helpppppppppppp!!

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