Monday, April 26, 2010

Second City

we went into the South End in Boston to see Second City (comedy improv group from Chicago) was soooooooooooooo good....great seats and laugh!!...just what i needed after a crazy week with sick doggie (waiting for more results from more blood work) ...than (of course) we went out to eat at a very interesting restaurant..BeeHive it is called...eclectic menu with a focus on Moroccan food..mmmmmm and i was able to stay on track ..shrimp in a red pepper sauce over pilaf and arugula with hearts of palm...very healthy...of course i wanted to eat mike's meal...snow pea salad with yogurt,dill dressing (i did pick at this) and a BIG chicken club (sans bacon) with frites....NICE!! Results of my EMG given to me today by my neurologist...everything is GREAT -no neuropathy...just a bit of dorsal tunnel (like carpal tunnel in wrist but this is in my ankles/feet) let's go see a podiatrist...why not...another specialist..thank goodness for great health insurance!!

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Dawn said...

Hey there stranger...just stopping by to say "hi". Miss seeing you over at the Spraground!