Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Huntington Theatre

I am getting a bit lazy with this blog....need to step it up!! Sunday we went to see this great, funny play at the theatre...the last in our subscription for the year...definitely going to re-up for next season...it gets us up and into Boston for some great plays and then (of course) we need to eat...we were planning on doing just that in Cambridge but the play ended earlier than we thought and dh says "let's just go thru the North End"...right, like there ever would be a parking space in this historic part of Boston with the narrow winding cobblestone streets...WELL..there it was - just past Paul Revere's house...mike says "this can't be..must be a loading zone"...."get in there" i scream (well, maybe not scream but with force)...right in front of a restaurant that had a table for two with our name on it in the window overlooking the square....only about 7 tables..service was slow BUT the food was amazing....!!...Last night was the first Seder and my dd Rebecca hosted...so nice to pass this down to the next generation...the atmosphere was great and the food was amazing...nice and healthy....her dh did all the grilling..the grandchildren where a joy to be with...although sammy was a handful given he is only 18 months old..i thought he did well...tonight we are off to friend's home for the second Seder......to be con't....

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Todd Williams said...

Glad you got un-lazy by writing about the Huntington. We love it when what we do is talked about. Sorry to hear you don't have plans to come see Prelude to a Kiss!


Todd Wiliams - Huntington