Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Visit

you know which one i am talking about....the dreaded annual physical...went, it's done, thank you!!....i love my doctor, i do...and , i know this will come as a shock to all of you...but i have to loose weight....WW here i and salad for dinner tonight....salad and chicken for lunch...but i need to do this to bring down the blood pressure (can't blame it on work anymore..) So i made this public...also...i have to get some exercise....i am alergic to exercise...but i guess i will start to walk....won't join a gym (done that), curves (done that), swim (you will never see me in a bathing suit) i guess i will start walking (oh, my arthritis)...i think i said this all in january.......ok, ok....

I did a couple more layouts over at oscraps...what a fun birthday week they are is a bit of a take off of my other "snow" layout and the other is my josie at 2 (needed to do one with the "2" in it):

credits:paper-ateets; blueflakes-danielle; white/gold flakes and elements-imagine; framesmerkeleyed;quote-JEckel; font-century gothic

credits: template-mcolosimo; papers-VStegall; frames-KPertiet; chickens-babs; font-bleeding cowboy

And check out these blogs....and leave some luv if you download anything...thank you to all these generous people!!


Jeanne said...

Your layouts are great! I so appreciate all the sharing you do, even if I don't always get the chance to comment.

As for your visit...I hear you on what you are saying! I need to lose weight myself...I just wanted to wish you much success! See what exercises are out there that you can do while sitting and blog surfing! Then it won't feel like exercise! :o)

Love ya! And hugs to you!!!

Jackie said...

Oh Dawn.....if i can help at all with WW let me know......i am on that journey too :)

Carol said...

Dawn your layouts are fantastic! Good luck with the walking.
Carol :-)