Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Raining

This weather is just "nuts"....raining with some snow earlier....slippery! and of course i had to take the dogs to the soon as they see me with the leashes they go and hide...maybe it is because i only take them to the groomers and vets...maybe i should take them somewhere fun to throw them off...but the winter has not been good for, i get them into the car (after slipping and sliding down the steps) and off to the groomers only to hear it is tomorrow not today.....oh, well...i'm this does not throw me....back home to the dogs delight....they are now both asleep at my is good!! So i did another layout....

credits:WordArt by ElegantWA; VintageSpringKit -AngelicaE

I found this kit this morning on my blog hopping....she is great! so go and check her out and give her some Thanks!!

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Elisa said...

Haha, bet your dogs were over joyed and singing the day praises that the appointment wasn't today ;) Sorry you had to go out in the rainy weather though.

Oh, what a super lovely layout, such a beautiful kit. The photo once again perfectly framed. The white paper is adorable - I also love the arrangement with the words, truly magnificent. Seeing your layouts is always such a pleasure.

Warm and springy greetings your way from Elisa :)