Monday, March 15, 2010

the Lion King

JoJo and DD Rebecca and DH Mike and I all went to see the Lion King at the Boston Opera House yesterday....It was fantastic!!!! and JoJo was enthralled..I bought her a shirt and a Simba doll (of course i did!!)...went out to dinner at Polcari for some nice Italian food...had to pack it all up to take home cause Shawn (who was watching Sammy) got an emergency call by the town of Lexington to go in....For you see, the east coast is experiencing a n'or eastern but in the form of rain....roads and houses are being flooded big felt like it would have been faster to get to the theatre if we swam was a little scary at time...saw flooded streets and parking lots and some of the bridges we went over the water was way up the pump in the basement has not stopped...water on the floor but just "dampening" the floor in areas for the floor was designed to go into the pump area....we live just up from the Concord River but high enough not to be affected by it but when you get 8 inches of rain in a short time you know something is going to happen...luckily we did not loose power (the winds have been crazy)...some areas are just experiencing such has been such a crazy winter here in the Boston area....mostly rain...not sure when the last snow was here..(she says softly for it ain't over yet)

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Jackie said...

Finally got a chance to catch up on your have been busy :) Lion King sounds wonderful to see in the is the advantage of living in a large city :)