Friday, April 18, 2008


You all know i love to blog hop...well this morning i found another most beautiful blog..actually she has for her digi creations and one for her photographs!! amazing...!! Now this site is in another language (not sure what one) but you don't need to know the language to experience the joy of her creativity!! I left her my graditude and hope she can understand english....check her blogs out and leave her some comments ... she is soooooooooo generous with her works!!


SusanD said...

Here I am! Off to check it out!

Another language, mmmm; you are really an international Diva!!

SusanD said...

Me, back again! That is huge? Did you go down to the bottom right and whatever word on the bottom right takes you to older posts with MORE!!

???? Have you in your highly classified digi searching ever seen any Wizard of Oz stuff? I found a little mini kit, so long ago but don't even know where.

My niece is having an Andy Griffith/Wizard of Oz wedding reception!!! I know; I know crazy, but she reminds us it's her wedding.

If you have seen anything, please, email me...,
jsd575 at hotmail dot com

Off to download!

Joan said...

Dawn, checked this out and boy its hard to understand but I am managing. At least the kits are easy to understand. Beautiful stuff and really different.

Jackie said...

That site was great..wish I could understand what she was saying...and what is download in whatever language that is :)

jeanne said...

Amazing. Thanks so much! Great find.


Ann said...

I will have to check this out. Thanks for the info.

Anke said...

Dawn, thanks again for the site. I have been over there daily, I don't know if she ever sleeps, LOL. She has one kit after the next. I really love her style, even her old stuff is gorgeous!