Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Crazy Week

it has been a busy week...our holidays began last Saturday night and ends tonight (yeaaaaa). The first night was at my dd Rebecca's home...all i had to do was bring the chicken soup..nice that the next generation is taking over...than we put the dogs in the kennel and headed for Vermont for the second night seder with my mother-in-law..great visit!! we stayed a few days and also visited with my family and i continued to gather information on my family history for the heritage album i have begun...went to see my grandparents old homestead and visited my father's grave site...(i think it had been 30 years)...very emotional but much needed!! On return it was 80 degrees out...wasn't it just snowing??...tonight we are headed for a big bowl of PASTA...(food restrictions during this holiday for those who are wondering why i would be so excited about, this was the last week of Jessica's class so i spent all day yesterday pulling Assignment 4 off...did it but still have much to do to complete this class...good thing her videos are good forever!! So take a look.....a two-pager....

credits: Wk 4 class materials from Jessica; class sponsors- Katie Pertiet, Anna Aspnes, MaryAnn Wise from; NancieRoweJanitz , AmandaRockwell from, JenWilson from and designers from for their MegaKit.....Thank You to all of you!!

As you can see i used a few pictures (one extraction) from previous layouts but i wanted to complete this before the class ended....(i am so sad)...the techniques i learned were just amazing!! I look at everything now so differently since i started these classes way back in June...Thank you Jessica!

Now here are a few wonderful and generous designers' blogs....leave them luv:


SusanD said...

I love this LO! Can you believe I haven't done Lesson 3 or 4!!?? I have been out of town.

I am on the road now in the dear motorhome.

Happy you had such a great holiday week.

Jeanne said...

You HAVE been busy! But it sounds like a very good busy!

The layout looks fantastic. Love the extraction! And how you used one picture over the three frames.

I'm so sad to have the class end, as well, but am looking forward to the next one, whatever it may be and PRACTISING!!!

Heather said...

Hi Dewnie!

Long time no visit. :) You're quite the pro at the old extractions now!!! Quite impressive. I miss your recipes - will you inspire me again soon? :)