Friday, February 15, 2008

Great Chefs

I am a foodie....i admit it....i love to cook; i collect cookbooks; i watch food network tv....i know all the chefs...actually i "know" their names....but my youngest daughter has met a few of them...she is a producer for abc news/nightline and has produced a series of "platelists" about some of the, each time she does a shoot i have to know all about it and experience it thru her eyes (and tastebuds)...She has met (just to name-drop a few) Eric Ripert, Jacques Torres, Mario Batali, David Chang...(should i go on....) can go and see the videos... yes, you can online.... ... go ahead and check it out...Eric Ripert was last night and you can do a "search" for the and written story....What can i say...She is great (my daughter) and so are these amazing chefs!!


Veevs said...

Hey matey, i love reading your blog! You would get on so well with my bestfriend Di, she is mad on cooking and cookbooks too!!

Elisa said...

That sounds like so much fun! When you truly enjoy something and get some deeper insight through a good friend or family member it surely is some icing on the cake (to speak in cook terms ;) )
Have a great weekend and always happy scrapping! :)

Angela2932 said...

Don't you just love how are kids broaden our worlds? (That was one of the justifications of a college "talk" my husband and I sat it on as the admissions officer tried to justify the high price of college tuition.) But it's true! You get such interesting glimpses of the world as they grow up (hopefully! And preferably NOT the prison type!) Your daughter sounds wonderful, and I just printed off the sweet and sour chicken recipe, which I think MY daughter is actually going to love! I love how you are enjoying your daughter's accomplishments with her! P.S. I had hoped to do the "tag" today, but got caught up in computer torture/crashing/freezing instead. I will some time this week. Thank you for your wonderful, kind words.

Donna S. said...

Yummm ... every time I come to your blog you make me want to go whip something yummy up in the kitchen!
Sounds like your daughter has a great job!