Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have been tagged by ELISA…and I am honored….this woman is so talented that each time I see a new design my mouth drops!! I have all her work in a folder and look at it frequently….that is how much I love it….and … she gives it to you free…do you believe it…!! You need to check her out…you will love me forever if you do!!

So…the tag is for me to list 6 unimportant things about myself…well…I listed 7 on a previous tag (Jan.11) sooooo I think I will modify this (you don’t mind, you?)and list 3 things about my “digi life” and hook you all up with three sites I think you will love exploring…….so….

1. I began this digi journey in june of ‘07 when I hesitantly took a beginners class on line with Jessica Sprague…I was NOT going over to the dark side…right…I am so addicted now that even my 2.5 year old granddaughter knows to look for me in the computer room…
2. I have more digi supplies than I have photos (shhhhhhhhhhh) ….reason why I don’t have as many layouts as I should….once it stops snowing here I will go out and take some…I will….you will see…
3. I am a Blog Hopper….each morning with my cup of coffee I start clicking started as a freebie search but it has opened my world to such amazing people and places out there … and to think I had to be “double dared” by my JS playmates to even start a blog….i had just figured out email…hee,hee

ok - here are three interesting blogs you should check out!!

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Elisa said...

Love your 3 not so unimportant facts :)
Thanks so much Always for your wonderful notes and kind words - see, we do have a lot in common, I enjoy cruising all the wonderful blogs and design pages out there as well, with my coffee in hand! I guess we all have so much fun doing so.
Have a great week and many greetings to the chilly Northeast - getting ready for spring yet?! ;)