Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Malware and Viruses

Can you believe there are people out there that love to "mess with your computer"? For a week now i have been going crazy with viruses and malware...good thing i picked up some information on what to do when my computer crashed last year...also, digishop forum has been great...need to have a good antivirus, antispyware, antimalware software on you computer!! I finally stopped it and I am one of the lucky ones....some horror stories out there regarding this...Facebook is a major sourse at this time for viruses and also 4-shared (how i download my freebies) with their $%^& popup adds...(don't forget to block these thru your server)....To think i was just beginning to understand this FaceBook thing...not going on this for awhile....and my freebie shopping is big time limited (don't really need anymore digi stuff but i love to blog hop)...So Be Carefulllllllll!!!!!


Jeanne said...

I'm so sorry to hear you have been having problems! I hope you have all the security software. I just signed up for Facebook a week or two ago and now I keep hearing all these not so nice things about it. Oh and that happened to me from 4shared, so I don't download much unless I frequent the creator's work regularly.

Wish these yucky people would spend all that time doing something productive!

Anke said...

Wow, thanks for the tip! I just joined facebook too, but am not really that much into it anyway. My DH had to reset his only compy to factory settings a little while back, it was beyond fixing with the vicious virus he got from clicking on an update link for a spyware subscription. There are disgusting people out there!