Friday, January 9, 2009

Healthy Lettuce Wraps

This recipe was created by my daughter Rebecca....even her husband loved it ... i am going to make this weekend but i thought i would share it with you now for i know it is yummy!!

Iceberg is a good choice for this. Peel layers carefully. Crushed peanuts make a nice topping at end. Rebecca loves Asian chili garlic sauce on top, but it is really spice so if you want something mild a peanut or Asian bbq sauce would be nice too. She made brown rice with this for a side dish, but it's nice as a layer in the wrap too. Everything is almost fat free and low-cal except the oil...

Sesame oil
1 pound or so of extra lean ground turkey
1/2 red bell pepper chopped really small
3 celery stalks, chopped
3 carrots shredded
4-6 shitake mushrooms
4 oz canned bamboo shoots
Large handful beansprouts
Ginger (fresh - 1 slice or powdered 1/2 tsp)
3 cloves minced garlic
8 or so green onions

2 Tablespoons Oyster sauce
2 Tablespoons Fish sauce
1 Tablespoon soy sauce
Juice from 2 limes

1. Mix sauce ingredients together and put aside
2.Heat large skillet/wok and add a little oil-just enough to lightly coat the pan
3. Saute garlic, green onions and Ginger on med.heat; stir with wooden spoon; don't let garlic burn
4. Add turkey and brown. Use spoon to break up very small.
5. Remove turkey and set aside
6. Add a little more oil and saute pepper and celery for a few minutes. Crunchy is good so no need to saute forever
7. Add carrots, mushrooms and bamboo and stir around a few times
8. Add sauce and bean sprouts and mix well.
9. Return turkey to pan
10. Mix well. Stuff lettuce. Add favorite toppings.



Anke said...

that sounds delicious Dawn, you just wrap the lettuce around the filling? I might just try it if I can find the stuff for it.

Ann said...

my gosh that sounds good. I always wondered where recipes came from. Now I know...people make them up. LOL

Jackie said...

Oh that really sounds good........nummy...and healthy too