Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Weather is Crazy!

BOY is it HOT!!!!! i am a cold weather person...never hear me complain about "how cold" it is ... my ancesters came from Sweden....give me cold and i'll even take snow....I am staying in airconditioning and my tea...and no shoes!! maybe i will sneak out to take some pictures for class assignment but maybe not...there must be some thunderstorms coming for my head (ear)is bothering me...(maybe the reason for my mood today...shape up .. you could have real problems) this makes me happy:

credits: GrundgedUpPhotoBlock-KPertiet; paper-MoonCatcher; Words-ElegantWordArt


Anke said...

Oh my Dawn, this is so cute, did I see that one before somewhere? It looks familiar. It is stinking humid around here, but I am not complaining. First off we have a pool and second, it is summer, and I like summer, winter will be here soon enough, LOL. You can have our winter and keep it, I can't stand it! Do you like the class? I am really enjoying what we are learning

M u s s said...

This is so cute!
Love the picture and the quote fits perfectly!
Wonderful page! :)