Saturday, January 9, 2010


I am just not with it lately when it comes to "the blog"....have not done any layouts but i have been doing a lot of cooking...I should get those pictures and recipes up...taking an on-line course over at Jessica's...IllustratorCS4 and will start another one on Jan18 on how to use a Wacom Tablet (mine has just been sitting here for a year...just had to have it)...been playing with my new cell phone (it syncs with my new car and i just need to use voice commands and all comes out of my car hands) also, just had to have a GPS and so when the one i had been thinking about went on sale (online with amazon...what a deal) just had to buy it and than all the assessories were family can't understand why i bought this cause i don't like to drive anywhere...well, now maybe i will cause i'll know how to get!!

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