Wednesday, September 10, 2008


i can't believe the energy i am putting into this computer...i use to put in time and enjoyed it BUT now i am trying to figure out how i set up everything....long process...i did go through all my digi supplies and deleted about half of i have to tag them all over again for the transfer did not bring the "organization" with it...must have done something wrong but that is "ok" for now i really get to see what i have and what i don't that i have developed my own style (right)...i was downloading everything...not off to do more just wanted you all to know i am not lost but still in front of the


Carol said...

Good on you for the computer clean out. I too used to download everything but wouldn't even know what I had, so have abruptly slowed down the purchasing lol.

Anke said...

That's what I should be doing. I am still tagging stuff here and there and when I find things I don't like, I just delete them. I can't believe the stuff I downloaded! Yuck! this is taking you a long time, huh. We miss you!

Veevs said...

OMG Dawn, what a nightmare you having to retag everything! Hope you got everything sorted out and are up and running now!