Sunday, May 4, 2008


hope you all had fun yesterday .. for those of you in the scrapbooking world....i started at 10am and stopped at 11:30pm....chatting, downloading, buying, unzipping, organizing....a great time!! my dh was very supportive but i am wondering if he thinks i am a little crazy...."are you going to get dressed today?" he says...i look at him and say "no"...just here with my coffee and computer..i am happy.... well, i am off to rest.......


Carol said...

Sounds like you had a very day! When I woke on Sunday it was about 5pm your time so I missed a lot of the days activities but still managed some great shopping :-)

Elisa said...

Dawn, what a gorgeous new blog logo you set up, it's beautiful and so wonderful for spring, I love it! :)
Haha, your day sounds just perfect for a digi scrapping addict, I've seen those kind of days myself ;)
Have a wonderful week!